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        As your personal Astrologer, I am interested in helping you to discover  your full human potential, your  "authentic self" and your true purpose in life,  as well as determining the best timing for important life decisions.   Astrology, is a study of cycles & a time-tested tool for  personal empowerment, self- understanding, and inner growth. Astrology actually can show you how to make the most of your family, other personal relationships, health & career. Knowing & understanding your own personal values, where your skills and talents lie, and how you can best tap into them, will show you where and how you would be most happy, while  following your unique & personal path in life.     

        I have  successfully counseled,  taught and lectured on Astrology in southern California, as well as Mexico, Canada & England for over 30 years  I have been a featured cruise ship lecturer with Sixth Star Entertainment & Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and was a featured Astrologer for CLUB MED and MAGIC ISLAND, in Newport Beach, CA. My credentials include having successfully completed  the course "Harmonics in Astrology" in 1976 at Girton College, Cambridge, England under John Addey & Charles Harvey. I have written 4 Self-Discovery Workbooks in Astrology for Beginners, Teens & Young Adults, Intermediate & Advanced students of Astrology,  as well as many articles on Astrology for national women's magazines. I created the ASTROCards© for beginning students of astrology as well as for the novice to learn how to read their own chart at a glimpse. My  busy schedule no longer allows time for me to write my  Astrological advice column, "Your Rising Sign".  I am an  ISAR certified Astrological Professional and  have been a member and  past Board Member for SCAN, the Southern California Astrological Network.

 I am available for on-line or telephone consultations,


Personalized Astrological counseling services can be experienced INTERNATIONALLY over the telephone and include PERSONALIZED ASTRO Reports. All REPORTS ARE AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, JAPANESE, PORTUGUESE, GERMAN!

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1/2 Hour Consultation $85 

1 Hour/1 Chart Consultation  $135 

2 Hours/2Charts  Consultation  $245     

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" Kathy, You have been such a great inspiration...and I am truly thankful for meeting you. I couldn't have asked for a nicer person to confide in or to share my most confidential concerns with....so again, thanks so much for who you are and what you do so well!!! Your life's purpose is certainly in order!!!" R

"Kathleen, you gave me a relationship reading last Spring for a guy I was interested in but hadn't even met yet (we met on-line).  I took your advice on how to handle  myself in this situation.  Here it is, six months later, and all the things that you said would happen, have happened.  So I am now telling everyone I talk to... 'if you're looking for relationship advice that you can rely upon, schedule a reading with Kathleen today!' Debbie

Kathleen's astrological advice columns, "Your Rising Sign" & "Cosmic Patterns",  have appeared in magazines, newspapers & on the internet.  Kathleen  offers LIVE Astrological Advice  on subjects dealing with Career counseling to Love & Relationship advice, and  Parenting Made Easier with Astrology. You can go to her Matchmaking Services Directory, Cosmic-Cupid to find a compatible friend,  mate or partner, or order a compatibility report.  Your Horoscope or Birth Chart and Natal Report, and other ASTROLOGICAL REPORTS called ASTRO Star Mapô Reports   can  be purchased from this website.

Order this fabulous teaching tool  ASTROCARDS

 Use the ASTRO CARDS  to learn astrology  or  to help you to interpret charts

The ASTRO Cards ©

This deck of ASTROCards© were designed for the beginning astrology student. In addition to assisting  you in interpreting your chart,  they  will help you to remember the meanings of the Planets, Signs & the Houses of the zodiac.  The 48 picture cards come in a 4" x 6" plastic case with a scarf for you to be able to better understand astrology... or to actually interpret a chart! Amaze your friends & family!


The Astro Cards: $24.95 + S & H  

If  Purchasing 10 + DECKS  Only $20.00 Each + S&H

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Pluto in Capricorn    How  will this 18 year cycle affect you??



"Cosmic Coaching" utilizes the principles of Astrology (Timing as well as the cosmic relationships & patterns of the stars and planets)  As a spiritually focused Astrologer and "Human Potential Coach",  I am interested in empowering you, by  helping you to discover  your  "authentic self", your natural talents, challenges, and your true purpose in life,  as well as determining the best timing for those important life decisions, such as family, relationship & career issues. As your "Cosmic Coach" for assisting you in developing your full human potential, I will inspire you, motivate you and assist you towards self-empowerment.  Individual, as well as group, Astrological intensive study retreats are available.

Some of the areas of concern you might want to explore:

Who am I really?   {What motivates me?   {What inspires me?  { What are my core values? {What causes me to think one way, feel another way & act in another way? {What is it that I am here to do?  To Learn??  To Teach? { How can I improve my personal relationships? { Is this the right person for me? { What kind of person is ideal for me? { Should I get married? { Should I consider a break-up? { When will I have more money, security, love, in my life? { What is the right career for me right now?  { Should I change jobs?  { Is this a good time to move? { Where would be a good place for me to live? { When should I move?  www.Cosmic-Coach.com


Cosmic Cupid can help Single Men & Women determine who their "Right Partner" is!  Learn what your compatibility potential & areas of potential friction could be!

Our Self-Insight, Romance, Love, Business & Friendship Reports are scored from 0 to 25.   Find out...ahead of time, what your relationship potential is with potential partners! Order your Self-Insight, Romance, Love, Business or Friendship Report  www.Cosmic-Cupid.com

Kathleen is also the creator of  

A Woman's Toolbox

A self-help coaching workbook & other products,  tools for personal growth

   The workbook and many of the  CD's, books and other health & beauty products can be used in conjunction with many of the Personal Growth WORKSHOPS conducted by the Southern California "Coaches Alliance" and in partnership with



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