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How will the new "world order" affect you in 2009??

What ROLE will you play during this 15 year cycle??

Learn how Pluto (the planet of power & transformation) will specifically affect & influence you as it begins it's 15 year cycle in the sign of Capricorn (the sign of responsibility, integrity, practicality, hard work, accomplishment, discipline necessary for achievement, status, and social mobility, big business, government  & the order of the world).

Myths:  Saturn (Cronos) RULER OF CAPRICORN by Janet Kane

Uranus the sky god was married to Gaia the earth.  He was unhappy with all his children,  and as soon as they were born he would push them back into the womb.  Gaia appealed to her unborn children for help. Saturn volunteered to slay the father.   When he grew up he struck his father in the groin, and took over as chief of the gods.  Saturn then was told that a child of his would dethrone him, so when he married Rhea, he swallowed his children as they were born.  At Jupiterís birth, Rhea tricked Saturn by giving him a rock in swaddling clothes to swallow.  When grown, Jupiter forced his father to disgorge the rock along with the other five siblings.  Saturn then fled by sea to Italy, where he was welcomed ashore by Janus the king. Saturn presented Janus with a set of laws, agriculture, and the wisdom to see forward and backward.  Janus became known as a shrewd and wise leader, and in this way, Saturn brought the golden age to Italy.

Capricorn Traits:  Capricorns are born with an acute sense of responsibility.  They take on tasks that others would refuse.  Capricorns often get in battles with authority figures, then swallow their creativity out of fear.  When they are middle aged, their creativity flowers.  They are at their best when they are older and can help the world by bringing order and civilization. Saturn gifts are a truly serene acceptance of reality, a compassionate recognition of oneís limits and a capacity to contain oneís difficult experiences without being torn apart by them.


Primary Goal: Responsibility to the World

Challenge: Who or What should I be responsible for?


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