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      2004 Cosmic Patterns

Sun Sign Daily Overview
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      Taurus     4/20-5/20       Virgo      8/23-9/22      Capricorn      12/22-1/19
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Virgo...It is your time to shine!  August 22nd- September 21st!

Jeff Jawer says:  www.StarIQ.com

Full Moon in Pisces
August 29
7:23 pm PDT
10:23 pm EDT

Normally, the Moon in inclusive Pisces opposing the Sun in discriminating Virgo is a relatively peaceful lunation. This one, however, has assertive Mars conjunct the Sun, and erratic Uranus conjunct the Moon, making this an explosive time. Tempers can flare, panic is possible, and restlessness rules the day. Yet, inventive minds are flexible enough to catch the new paradigm and discover fresh forms of service and creativity.
Pluto Direct
August 30

Transformative Pluto awakens from a deep retrograde sleep. Unfinished tasks demand attention. Hidden desires leak through our defenses as passion prances across the stage. Don't be so ashamed of primal instincts that you force them back underground. They can be tamed and used, instead of simply repressing them.
Mercury Direct
September 2
6:09 am PDT
9:09 am EDT
Slowly coming to a stop, the communication planet turns and begins moving forward today. Ideas and information lost in transit or left behind begin to catch up with us in the days and weeks ahead. Put your thoughts out in the open where they can be tested, tempered and put into action. Make that call, send that email or IM. The silence is over.
Venus in Leo
September 6
3:16 pm PDT
6:16 pm EDT

Sweet Venus gets brassy in bold Leo, strutting her stuff, wearing flashy clothes, and demanding romance where mere partnership served in the past. Love is loud now, requiring attention and flattery, no longer the timid child of a broken heart, but the proud voice of a strong one. Risk taking is likely to be rewarded.
Mercury in Virgo
September 10
12:38 am PDT
3:38 am EDT
With Mercury returning to its earthy home sign, bits of data are woven together into whole cloth. Patterns emerge that reveal methods to achieve to your desires. Big goals require careful attention to details and clear, clear communication. Knowing what you want, and how you're going to get there, are vital ingredients for constructive communication.

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